Island of Oghma

Second Adventure

So apparently I died, but since I did a good job the Guildmaster of the Artificer’s Guild (Doorsbane) resurrected me. Unfortunately that puts me twenty eight thousand gold into debt to him. I took on an assignment to begin paying off the debt. Turns out the assignment was to drive off some stirges and some type of spell casting humanoid. It wasn’t easy but I think I managed it.

Doorsbane made me an offer to reduce the debt by half. He told me that if I taught his people my new magic then he would cut my debt in half. Seeing as this is a HUGE debt I wanted to do it, but since this does push on the powers of creation I decided to talk to the high priest of Oghma first.

It was a strange interview. The high priest was VERY old. So old he couldn’t seem to move himself but instead relied on arcane magic for locomotion. He did not seem surprised at my discovery but he did seem interested. He told me my researches weren’t Heretical which is a big bonus. I haven’t decided on whether to leave a copy of my Truename notes with him or not. It seems pretty safe so I don’t think it would get into the wrong hands, but you never know.

After talking with the High Priest I told Doorsbane that I would teach one person of his guild but only AFTER I interviewed them and decided they wouldn’t use this power to destroy the world.



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